Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Posting

This is my first posting on our new family blog. I will be adding pictures soon from our recent trip to Disneyland.
Just a quick update on how we are doing.

I am working at Davis County Jail as their social worker and I work one night a week at Primary Children's medical center as a crisis worker. I am bishop of the ward and really enjoying it.

Dani is working at Jordan Valley ER and loves being a nurse. She is almost done with nursing school and has another big test coming up. She was just released as 1st counselor in the young women's organization in the ward after 4.5 years. Needless to say she was a little emotional about that.

AJ is in kindergarten and loving it. She has made lots of friends and is enjoying learning to read. She is taking piano lessons and is tearing through the first book at amazing speed. She really has a talent for the piano. She also just started soccer last Saturday and her team won 5-4. She scored 3 goals. We were really just excited that she knew which direction to go. She started riding her 2 wheel bike tonight. It is amazing how much she is learning and retaining.

Emma is all over the place. We are convinced she is part monkey (Dani will tell you that she gets it from my side of the family). She just decided last night that she wanted to sit at the table with us for dinner. She no longer wants to sit in the high chair. Tonight she sat next to me, had her plate in front of her and a sippy cup too. She sat there eating corn niblets, stove top stuffing and little pieces of chicken. Her favorite word is "Me" I call her the "me-monster."

We are doing great and loving life. I will post more soon.
God Bless!