Sunday, December 28, 2008

A glimpse into my own funeral

It's Sunday morning and Dani and the girls went to hear Brandon and Lisa talk in their Sacrament meeting. I am getting ready to head over to the church one last time as Bishop of the Mt. Jordan 3rd ward. I am getting ready to do everything today, one last time, as bishop. All the preparations have been made for the next bishop to take over. I have nostalgic feelings about my time as bishop and the things we have been able to do in the ward. I have really enjoyed serving and will truly miss the calling-I know, weird.
To update those who don't know, I am being released because my family is moving. Hence the name, Always on the go. I have been commissioned by the United States Air Force as a 1st Lt. I will be serving in the Air Force as a social worker. We are moving to Wichita Falls, Tx (two hours north of Dallas, in case you were wondering) and will be stationed at Shephard Air Force Base. I leave in three weeks from today for Commissioned Officer Training. I will be there for four weeks and then will come back and get my family and we begin our new adventure.
I feel honored to be able to serve my country, but I am not afraid to admit I am a little nervous about taking my family 1100 miles away to start a new life. Fortunately, the Church has two wards in Wichita Falls. Fortunately, there is a strong brotherhood in the military. Fortunately, my family will be with me.
Take Care,