Monday, May 25, 2009

Road trip to Texas, our house and friends

Aunt Becky brought the girls to meet us at the airport and surprise Daddy. Emma, who is a daddy's girl wasn't to sure what to think about it. AJ couldn't stop hugging him.

Grandma Jessie came with us to Texas, we loved having her with us. I know that it was hard for her more so when she found out that her dear friend Gladis had passed away. Emma wasn't to sure about the long days. Austyn loving the adventure for now. Mom we sure appreciate everything that you have done for us. Thanks for coming with us.

Somewhere in New Mexico, we got a flat tire. I think this was a very humbling experience. The cirle on the tire is where the hole was. We were blessed that it wasn't worse and that a trucker pulled up next to us and let us know that we had a flat tire.

So mom came with us to help me unpack. Our stuff didn't show up until after mom came. This gave us time just to spend together. We found the bowling lanes on base and now every Wed. we go bowling for only $1 for AJ to bowl and $1.50 for each pair of shoes. WE love it.

This is a picture of AJ outside the Dallas Temple. We found the temple after we dropped mom off at the airport. That was a hard day. The only comfort was going to the temple, Costco and IKEA.

This is our stuff that the mover's brought right into our garage. I love having a garage. That is Sydney Briggs, AJ's best friend here in Texas.

This is Emma's room.

This is AJ's room. Yes her closet is huge!!!

This is the bathroom upstairs in the hall. AJ was our decorator with help from Grandma Jessie. I love it. It is also our Laundry room with my beautiful washer and dyer.

The master bedroom, bathroom and closet. I do enjoy the large closet that we have.

This is our downstairs, kitchen, garage, and our tornado room. Can't wait for the shelving to come. Time to save.

SO We went ot Dallas to go back to Costco and Ikea and bought a little larger dresser the what we had before and I slammed the door shut at Costco shattering our back window. Dave just stood there and laughed while I bawled like a baby. It was Sat night at 5pm and everything was closed. Not fun, but I did feel like I fit in the small redneck town's of Texas and the trailer homes.

These are our wonderful friends here in Texas. Lyndi and Byron Briggs with their 5 kids; Sydney (6), Sam (5) Emma's boyfriend, Seth (5), Sadie (5), and Sophie (5). Yes they are quads. There is also Amy and Zac with their 2 boys, Mitchell (4), and Jackson (3), another one of Emma's boyfriend. I don't know what I would do without Lyndi and Amy. I am so greatful for good friends. Love you guys.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jan and Feb-COT and Moving and Family Time

So in Jan on the 11th, Dave left for COT or Commissioned Officer's Training, for five weeks in Alabama. This was a trying time for me personally, being left with packing up everything so that we could move to Texas, sell the car and trailer and making sure that we had all the papers we needed. I was a little overwhelmed and could not have done it without my amazing family. Thanks to Grandma Great and mom and all my sister's that helped me with my two beautiful daughter's.

Madie pushing Emma in a car around grandma's kitchen

Aunt Lisa getting as much time with the neice's and nephew as possible.

We were able to go to the Draper Temple open house and walk through the temple. What an experience for AJ and Madie. I was also able to volunteer there as a nurse on the medical team. That was such a neat experience. How blessed we were in Utah to have the temples so close to us. Take advantage to go as often as you can.

SO I need to thank BJ and kids, Brandon and Lisa, and Stacy, Lindsay, Ana and my mom and dad for helping me pack up everything and move it into the haven so that the movers could repack everything. I really could not have done it without you all.

SO this is what it looked like when the movers came and repacked everything. I thought that it was Dave's doing to have the Ute moving truck come and get us.

Thanks to Lisa for a great night for Austyn and myself. She got us some tickets to the Ute gymnastic meet against, BYU, SUU and Texas Women's University (yes we have driven past this school since being here in Texas). IT was a lot of fun and yes we cheered for both BYU and the Utes. Thanks Lisa.

Dave's COT graduation

In Jan Dave left for COT where he was put in a "flight" with 13 people. They became really close and great friends. In fact one of the girls in his class is now living across the street from us. I flew out on Wed night and was able to have dinner with Dave and then the next day sit in on a spouse day. It was very informative. It was fun to see what Dave had been doing for the last 5 weeks. That night we went to a dining out formal dinner. I was able to dress up in a formal wear and meet Dave who was wearing his Mess Dress blue's which is a tux. He looked mighty nice. It was fun to have to dress up. That night Dave's mom Sherri and brother BJ flew in to come to the graduation. It was nice to have them there. At the grauation, they marched on the parade field and took the oath of an officer again. It was really nice. We flew home the next night and got ready for the long drive to Texas.

Lunch out with my girls!!!

So the last week of Jan, a few of the girls, the best ones that I love working with, took me to my favorite restaurant, Cafe Rio for lunch. Here in the picture's are Jade Peterson, Michelle Hewitt, Jen Jimenez, Jamie Troyer, Tiffany Furrow and Adriane. Man I miss you guys. It was so much fun working with you all. Thanks for all the things that you taught me. If I could half the nurses that you are, I would be amazing. Thanks for all that patience that you all showed me and Amy, thanks for Mentoring me!!! Love you guys!!!!

Our Student of the month!!

SO in Jan, Austyn received the award of student of the month. Her two friends in her class and her got the Student of the Month for integrity. We thought that was pretty cool. Austyn, I am so proud of you and your willingness to always do you best in what you do. Keep loving to learn and you can do anything that you want to do. Your dad and I love you so much and are so grateful that you are our daughter.

AJ being called out to get her award

Hannah Knudsen, Kyrie Alldrege, Sharky and AJ

Twins and best friends!!!

Two of AJ's biggest supporters.