Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A quick recap of Thanksgiving in AZ

So it is now the end of March and I am barley posting Thanksgiving. Wow, so much has happened in our lives since then. I really need to keep up with this so that everyone can see our beautiful girls. This is not all of it but just a little taste. We has so much fun!!! So this last year for thanksgiving, me and my two girls went down to Arizona to visit Chris and Treasure and their two kids with my mom, dad and two sisters. We got there on Treasure's birthday and boy was she suprised that I was there. I was telling her the whole time that I was not going to be able to come and that I was really upset about it because it was also Madie's baptism. It was so much fun to suprise her. I like to do that. So we had Thanksgiving with Chris and Treasure and two of their friends from their ward. It was a very nice day with it ending with the kids putting on a musical event for us.

Dave couldn't come down with us because he had to work that friday and so he went up to Idaho to spend the weekend with his Grandma Weller and Uncle Andy and Aunt Stacy. We missed him. Friday morning, Treasure, Lindsay and Stacy and I went with Jen, Treaure's friend and some of the girls from the ward and went shopping. It was a little different shopping in a light jacket and flip flops. It was kinda fun.
Then Sat. was the big day. Madison was baptized. How proud we are of you Madie that you chose to be baptized. AJ wouldn't have missed it for the world. We love you so much.

We then went and saw that lights at the temple and ended in a memorable trip to the local Denny's. Hot chocolate anyone?