Friday, July 17, 2009


So, Here is looking at a little bit of what happened in April with our family. When the girls and I got back from Arizona, the next night we went to the monster truck's with our friends.

In this picture are (starting with the adults) Zac Hart, his sister-in-law, Ashley, Dave and Emma, Lyndi and Byron. The kids in the front are, Mitchell Hart, Sam (blond), Seth (redhead(, Aj and Sydney, her best friend here, and then Sadie and Sophie. These quad's are in my primary class and I love them to death.

Aj loved the trucks but only with her ear plugs in and Emma wouldn't keep her's in and didn't really like the noise.

Flying Kites.

Grandma Jessie sent some kite's in the Easter package and so for FHE, we decided to go behind our house and fly them. It was touch and go. The girls loved it.

Daddy and his girl Emma.

This is a common theme in our house. Miss Emma is one of the biggest Daddy's girl that I have ever seen. This happens a lot and yes Mommy does get very jealous, but I love to see Emma snuggle with her Daddy.

My cute girl Austyn.

This is a picture of AJ at her school program. They say that there is no one in the nation that have more state pride then here in Texas, how true that is. They say a pledge to the Texas flag after they say the pledge of allegiance. In her prgram they siad nursery rhyme's and sang songs that had been changes to Texas words, for example, BINGO was now TEXAS. I wish I knew how to download our video camera, because the songs were really cute and of course AJ was the star!!


Here the girls are coloring their easter eggs. We had a friend come over Andena, she is an officer in the AF that Dave met at COT when he went to Alabama. WE had a lot of fun that night coloring eggs and of course Emma's hands were colored as well. AJ did a beutiful job on her eggs.

At the base here, they had and easter egg hunt for the kids. This brought back a lot of memories of going with dad up to the base and doing this as a kid. There were thousands of eggs and they divided up the kids according to age. AJ was done first and came running to help her sister. Emma finally got it and wouldn't let go of her little basket. AJ loved the Easter Bunny, but Emma wouldn't get near it. They had crafts for the kids to do as well. It was a fun day.

These dresses are from Grandma Jessie. Don't they look beautiful? This is Easter morning and they loved getting all dressed up in their Blue Cinderella dresses. Thanks grandma for the beautiful dresses, we love them!!!

Aunt Stacy's visit.

My sister Stacy came to visit us for a week. Man did we have a great time just having her here. The girls loved it and I think that Stacy had a great time as well. IT was really hard to have her go. Thanks for coming and visiting us Stacy, we love you!!!!

Quad's birthday party.

Lyndi through a very large birthday party for the quad's 5th Birthday. She had it at this gynastic center here in Wichita Falls. Sometime's you couldn't tell who was having more fun, the kids or the parent's. Again I wish that my video's downloaded so that you could see AJ at the ceiling coming down doing back flips. Very Fun, thanks Lyndi for inviting us.

Emma and Jasmine in our backyard.

I just loved this picture of Emma and Jasmine. Emma loves pulling Jasmine around anywhere that she can and Jasmine just follow's her. She is one of the most mellow dog's that I have ever met.

Emma in the cupboard.

So on the last Sunday, Emma decided that while we were doing the dishes that she wanted to play hide-n-seek but only her hiding. Again here is where I wish that another video could be downloaded for it was really funny and cute how she would close the door and knock then open it and say Boo. This went on for at least a half an hour.

So here is what our April was like. I will be posting May and June hopefully tomorrow.

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Steve Weller said...

These pictures are adorable, and I can't wait until you guys come so we can see you again. I'm a little miffed we couldn't make it this summer--that was the biggest thing I wanted to do. But we'll just have to figure out plans to come another time.