Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spring Break and St. Patrick's Day

So AJ had a week off in March for Spring break and it happened to be at the same time as Madison's in AZ. Chris and Treasure had just moved into their new house about the same time as we did so I wanted to go and see it. I had been talking to Treasure trying to get them to come visit us but talked to Dave and Chris and decided that I would go out to AZ, without Treasure knowing. I love to surprise her. So after 16 hours of driving in the car with my two girls we made it to AZ about 8:30 at night. It was a long drive but my girls were great!!! Treasure could not believe her eyes when she opened the door and AJ was standing there. The kids played until very late. In the morning, it continued. Jackson watches cartoon's in the morning and so Emma wanted to lay down with him. These two get so excited when they see each other. Jackson with his sippy cup and Emma with her binky. These two were inseparable. Then came St. Patrick's day. The first thing that they did was, Madie and AJ read Green Eggs and Ham to Emma and Jackson. It was very cute. AJ was Sam and Madie was the other voice, they read very well together. Then came breakfast, St. Patrick's style.

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The girls weren't to sure about the green food, but the babies didn't have a problem with it. They ate it right up. The leprechaun left them a little note that would lead them on a hunt for his gold. I think they had fun with it. First they had to paint a picture of the Leprechaun with finger paints. Emma doesn't really like to get her hands dirty, but Jackson is all boy and loved it. Then they had to dig through a bowel of spaghetti to find some magical ring pop's that of course were green.

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They also had to do a spell with their rings to make all the green go away. I don't think it worked though. They then had to make cookies for the Leprachaun. They were yummy!! The Leprachaun let us have some, of course. In order to get the last clue to the pot of gold, they had to pop some balloon's to get the clues. They loved this. And then the pot of gold. This was the best St. Patrick's day ever. This little Leprachaun was a tricky little guy, but AJ still tells people about it. The next day AJ really wanted to go to Amazing Jake's. This is kinda of like Chucky Cheese's but a lot better. The kids had a lot of fun. Emma would walk with me holding her hand and Jackson just ran so I had to carry him.
This is just a min of what they sis for about a half an hour. SO this is just a little look of how much fun we had in Arizona. Thank-you Chris, Treasure, Madie and Jackson for letting us come and visit. We love you and love being in your cute home. Can't wait until Aug!


The Halls of Fame said...

What a brave girl you are for driving that far all by yourself!! Looks like you had lots of fun!! I hope to see you girls this summer when you are here. I want to do a girls day for cousins. Keep posting so we can keep up on your life! Love ya♥

Steve Weller said...

These pictures are priceless! I love the collage format you chose to do them in. And when did Emma get so big? Good grief. She's going to be a tall drink of water. Hope everything is going well. Or Weller in our case!:)

warcolby said...

your blog and family our darling!! love the collages. you go way out for st patricks day!! how fun. so glad to know ya'll!!